Solariums for horses Some horses have all the luck

Solarium dla koni
Solarium dla koni

Get to know our solariums

We offer 3 and 4 panel solariums in attractive prices.

Our solariums are characterized by a simple construction and easy attendance. They are equipped with fans which force the appropriate air circulation that prolong lamps’ life and what is more, it makes the drying process much faster for the horse.

Solarium dla koni

The advantages of using horse solariums

  • speed up the regeneration process of muscles and joints after physical effort
  • have a soothing effect – reduces stress levels and improves horse’s mood
  • speed up the healing process of slight injuries
  • relax the spine
  • speed up the evaporation process after physical effort and horse’s baths

Solarium dla koni

Solarium parameters

  • number of heating lamps in one panel: 5
  • lamps power: 150W-250W
  • number of fans: 1 in each panel
  • power:
    • 2550W (3-panels)
    • 3000W (4-panels)
  • power voltage: 230V
  • weight:
    • 3-panels: 49 kg
    • 4-panels: 61 kg

Solarium dla koni

Solarium with an elevator

We offer solariums with elevator option, which enables change in solarium position. It is possible to lower the solarium to specific height.

Solarium dla koni

In grey (graphite) or any other color

We offer solariums in grey (graphite) color (RAL: 7016) or in any other color requested by our customers.

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Solarium with an elevator

Suitable for every type of our solarium. The device comes standard with power cord.